What is Zapier?

As an SME you undoubtedly use a whole range of apps that save you time and make your work more efficient. But imagine what it would be if you could link them all together?

More insight. More control. And also more efficiency. Well, there is now a solution for that. With Zapier you connect all your favorite apps to our SMS Gateway API.

Create your own actions.

Bringing your apps together in one integrated platform, Zapier lets you create your own custom business tool. This way you work smarter than ever. For example, combine SMS with Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Microsoft Office, Intercom, …

No programming knowledge required.

Today, Zapier works with more than 2,000 apps that free you from a host of routine manual tasks, from transferring account information into spreadsheets to creating mailing lists for events.

And it’s all much simpler than it sounds: you don’t have to be a programmer or IT wizard. In fact, you don’t need any programming knowledge at all. Anyone can create a link with Zapier – or a Zap as it is called.

utomated data synchronization.

Don’t worry about inaccurate or incomplete data exchange Sms gateway as your data is automatically synced between the apps.

Suppose someone places a new order on your webshop. Well, that trigger can then automatically send an SMS to you or to the person placing an order or both.

Just try out Zapier! We would also like to hear from you which information is still useful to exchange with other apps.

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